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PIG BLUE® Absorbent Mat Pads - Heavy Weight

  • Soak up big spills fast; super-thirsty fibres pull in litres of liquid to keep your floors clean, dry and safe
  • FiberFusion Technology fuses superabsorbent natural fibres with strong synthetic fibres for one high-performance absorbent
  • No leak zones! Consistent construction produces a mat that is free of light spots to absorb liquid evenly for better wicking and retention
  • Stays together, even when picking up or shifting a fully saturated mat
  • Contains 75% pre-consumer recycled cellulose; ideal in situations where green products are desired or required
  • Fire retardant for added safety; flame-tested in accordance with ASTM Standard E84-08
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
BLU101 PIG BLUE® Absorbent Mat Pads 38 cm x 48 cm Absorbs 129 L/Box 100 pads/box
BLU106 PIG BLUE® Absorbent Mat Pads 38 cm x 48 cm Absorbs 64,5 L/Dispenser Box 50 pads/dispenser box

Safety Data Sheet

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