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PIG® Burpless® Poly Drum Funnels

  • Burpless design vents during pouring for fast, smooth flow with no dangerous splashback. Lets you pour without venting through 3/4" bung
  • Built-in overfill preventer stops flow when the drum is almost full to help you avoid messy overfills
  • Designed for use with non-hazardous liquids: coolants, non-flammable oils and water-based liquids
  • Thick-wall, 100% polyethylene construction resists UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals
  • Lockable to prevent unauthorised access (padlock not included)
  • Threaded brass neck fits 2" BSP bung opening on 115- and 210-litre steel and poly drums
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
DRM1680 PIG® Burpless® Poly Drum Funnel 34cm W x 41cm L x 35cm H Black, Red or Yellow 1 each

Product Data Sheet

Chemical Compatibility Guide