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PIG® All-in-1 Mat Universal

  • Reusable, chemical-resistant nitrile rubber Tray features raised studs on back side for cushioning, comfort and aeration; offers workers fatigue relief and a secure surface to stand on that won't slip and slide underfoot, even on epoxy-coated or newly painted surfaces
  • Gripping nubs on inside bottom of Tray hold absorbent HAM-O® Mat in place and eliminate unexpected movement
  • HAM-O® Mat absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water whilst non-permeable rubber Tray retains excess liquids to help keep floors dry around workstations and prevent slip-and-fall injuries
  • Durable top Mat layer won't tear under heavy foot traffic whilst bevelled Tray edges create a smooth transition from floor to help prevent trip-and-fall injuries
  • Perfectly sized to refill PIG® All-in-1 Mat Tray with fresh absorbent pads
  • Contains 25% or more recycled content.
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
MATE917 PIG® All-in-1 Mat 91 cm x 314 cm Absorbs 117.1 L 1 tray, 10 pads/bag
RFLE907 PIG® All-in-1 Mat Refill 81 cm x 300 cm Absorbs 117.1 L 10 pads/bag
MATE916 PIG® All-in-1 Mat 91 cm x 162 cm Absorbs 58.5 L 1 tray, 10 pads/bag
RFLE906 PIG® All-in-1 Mat Refill 81 cm x 150 cm Absorbs 58.5 L 10 pads/bag

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