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World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®

PIG® Oil-Only Booms

  • Floats to confine and soak up spills on water; hugs ground for land-based spills
  • Tough outer mesh is UV resistant for long-term outdoor use without degradation; lets fluids easily pass through to filler material
  • Rope running along length of boom adds strength for deployment and retrieval
  • Spunbond polypropylene skin is UV resistant up to 12 months; meets ANSI and MIL spec standards for static decay
  • Booms float at surface for easy retrieval, even when saturated
  • Contains 98% pre-consumer recycled polypropylene filler.
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
BOM400 PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Booms ext. dia. 20cm x 3m L Absorbs 90.8 L/Bag 2/bag
BOM408 PIG® Oil-Only Booms 20 cm Dia x 6 m Absorbs 90.8 L/Bag 2 booms/bag
BOM409 PIG® Oil-Only Booms 20 cm Dia x 6 m Absorbs 181.6 L/Bag 2 booms/bag
BOM304 PIG® Oil-Only BoomsBest Seller 20 cm Dia x 3 m Absorbs 181.6 L/Bag 4 booms/bag
BOM405 PIG® Oil-Only Booms 13 cm Dia x 3 m Absorbs 90.8 L/Bag 4 booms/bag
BOM406 PIG® Oil-Only Booms 8 cm Dia x 3 m Absorbs 60 L/Bag 8 booms/bag

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